It sucks to be alone…REALLY???

Culture Monk

all together now

by Kenneth Justice

~A few weeks ago a coffee house acquaintance of mine told me that he and his girlfriend of two years had finally called it quits. After numerous ups and downs in their relationship they had decided to part ways…..he said “all things being equal it was basically a mutual decision; we both realized it wasn’t going to work

For some time now he had been sharing with me various details of their tumultuous relationship but now that they had broken up there was one thing that he really wanted to talk about; ‘I feel so alone now” he said.

Obviously, the reason the majority of human beings end up in relationships is to enjoy companionship. There is something comforting and wonderful about being with another person in a relationship.

Actually, there is something wonderful about simply being with other people….

—) Road trips are always fun when there…

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