Polaroid CEO: We’re Now ‘Curators of Innovation’


Polaroid, as a company that designs and builds some of the most iconic instant cameras and film in photographic history, is dead. The primary culprit was a too-slow adaptation to the digital age. But also to blame were bankruptcy proceedings and years-long legal battles that began in 2001 and weren’t sorted out until 2009—meaning Polaroid spent nearly a decade too distracted to make a serious effort to revitalize itself.

But Polaroid’s checkered past is now exactly that—history. The company’s new owners, Gordon Brothers Brands and Hilco Consumer Capital, have had half-a-decade to renew the Polaroid brand, and those efforts are finally beginning to bear fruit. Instead of a company that researches and designs cameras and other gear in-house, the new Polaroid is setting itself up as a lifestyle brand, working with outside designers and other partners to put Polaroid’s iconic branding on products that match the company’s ethos—which CEO Scott…

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