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New study reveals why some people are more creative than others –

It’s not just your ability to draw a picture or design a product. We all need to think creatively in our daily lives, whether it’s figuring out how to make dinner using leftovers or fashioning a Halloween costume out of clothes in your closet. Creative tasks range from what researchers call “little-c” creativity — making a website, crafting a birthday present or coming up with a funny joke — to “Big-C” creativity: writing a speech, composing a poem or designing a scientific experiment.


Opinion: Sustainable cities need more than parks, cafes and a riverwalk | PBS NewsHour

There are many indexes that aim to rank how green cities are. But what does it actually mean for a city to be green or sustainable?

We’ve written about what we call the “parks, cafes and a riverwalk” model of sustainability, which focuses on providing new green spaces, mainly for high-income people. This vision of shiny residential towers and waterfront parks has become a widely-shared conception of what green cities should look like. But it can drive up real estate prices and displace low- and middle-income residents.

As scholars who study gentrification and social justice, we prefer a model that recognizes all three aspects of sustainability: environment, economy and equity

Science Finally Reveals the Truth About People Who Wear Funky Socks |

Over-the-top socks are in the same vein as, say, a dramatic pair of eyeglasses frames or hairstyle. They tell others that you’re a bit of a creative rebel who can think for himself, all while showing a playful side that can help others connect with you.

Opinion: The secret to being fully present | PBS NewsHour

Baking turned out to be a lesson in what we used to call reading comprehension. I hadn’t been paying attention to the text, which might have been because I was talking on the phone while folding the wet and dry ingredients, or I was folding the laundry while running the mixer, or making a note to myself in the margins of the cookbook to write a piece about cakes. Behold, the confidence it takes to glance at a recipe from the corner of one eye and think it will all turn out fine.

Teaching Our Sons to Be Good Men

Here is what men believe it means to be a good man:

Being responsible
Being a good provider, protector
Doing the right thing
Putting others first, sacrifice
Standing up for the little guy

The Defense Department is taking on ISIS with Google’s open-source AI software – MIT Technology Review

War games: Google is giving the US Department of Defense special access to TensorFlow, the company’s machine-learning software library, to help analyze images from drones. Gizmodo reports that some Google employees are not happy about providing their technology for military uses

Americans are starting to shop more like Europeans — and that should terrify Frito-Lay, Coca-Cola, and Kraft

Millennials and urban dwellers leading the change.

According to the report, people living in urban areas are more likely to favor private label goods because people in cities tend to buy only what they consume. Therefore, regardless of geography or store size, urbanization is giving a boost to private-label purchasing.

Another group embracing the private label trend is millennials, who are usually more open to trying new products versus older generations.

Millennials “demand products that do more, provide more convenience and offer a variety of lifestyle options and the loyalty to established brands … can no longer be assumed. …


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