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Cyberlibertarians’ Digital Deletion of the Left • © []

The digital revolution, we are told everywhere today, produces democracy. It gives “power to the people” and dethrones authoritarians; it levels the playing field for distribution of information critical to political engagement; it destabilizes hierarchies, decentralizes what had been centralized, democratizes what was the domain of elites.

Most on the left would endorse these ends. The widespread availability of tools whose uses are harmonious with leftist goals would, one might think, accompany broad advancement of those goals in some form. Yet the left today is scattered, nearly toothless in most advanced democracies. If digital communication technology promotes leftist values, why has its spread coincided with such a stark decline in the Left’s political fortunes?

via Cyberlibertarians’ Digital Deletion of the Left | Jacobin.

Is Internal Crowdfunding in the Enterprise Set to Take Off? []

Is Internal Crowdfunding in the Enterprise Set to Take Off? | Getting Results From Crowds

A number of companies are experimenting with internal crowdfunding.  This has the potential to be a successful way to spark innovation and evaluate employee-generated ideas.

Given the attention that crowdfunding and Kickstarter have had in the media over the past two years, it is surprising that more large enterprises have not experimented with crowdfunding internally with employees.

Ideation platforms, where employees can contribute suggestions and ideas and then vote on the best ones to implement, are now commonplace in both large and small companies. Some of these schemes have been in place for over a decade.

Similarly, arguing the business case for your own initiative is now part of corporate culture, and some organisations have an “innovation” fund for new projects which may be regarded as extraordinary spend, above and beyond normal functional or departmental budgets.

With idea management widespread and pitching for funding part a frequent activity, perhaps enterprise crowdfunding is not such a huge cultural leap.

via Is Internal Crowdfunding in the Enterprise Set to Take Off? | Getting Results From Crowds.

Couple design and build a mortgage free home for $33k []

The house that you see here comes complete with two sitting rooms, a kitchen with a dining table, wood stove, plenty of storage and a bathroom. However what’s different about this small mortgage free home is that it is in fact very small, at just eight feet wide – which is just 46 inches than the world’s narrowest house we reported on.

Another thing that may astound you is the cost. It comes in at $33,000 and this includes all the appliances. This small home was designed and built by a couple who wanted to be free of the burden of a mortgage and so built themselves a home so that they could live in Oregon on five acres of land that they own.

via Couple design and build a mortgage free home for $33k – Interesting Engineering.

Sharing Is Caring, Unless It Costs You Your Job []

For travelers trying to economize, the ability to rent someone’s spare bedroom is a real breakthrough. Cities like New York, London and Paris are easier to visit than they have been in many years.

But for those who actually work in the hotel industry, this business model is bad news: Airbnb and its imitators might eventually put them out of a job.

A new study by researchers at Boston University demonstrates for the first time that as the so-called sharing economy rises, the traditional lodging industry gets squeezed. For every 1 percent increase in the size of the Airbnb market, the researchers found, hotel revenue slips 0.05 percent.

That does not sound like much of a drop. But Airbnb is expanding at a rapid clip.

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Block by Block, Detroit’s Startup Scene Revives a Great City [Mashable]

… despite the bankruptcy, crime, urban desolation and despair, a different story is emerging. Slowly, the Detroit phoenix seems to be peeking from its very substantial ashes. Slowly, the Detroit phoenix seems to be peeking from its very substantial ashes.

The lunchtime walk from the MGM Grand is weird. It’s cold, there are no cars. It is reminiscent of Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, where everyone stays inside — only the crazy or naive walk. Across the Detroit river is Canada. The smokestacks and stacked aerials are the perfect setting for a Springsteen song.

But at 1555 Broadway Street, just across from the Detroit Opera House, a once-famous building has become the lodestone for the city\’s regeneration, a coworking space that houses startups — even a company known as Twitter.

The M@dison Theater was originally built in 1917 and was crumbling away until it reopened in 2011. It was purchased by Dan Gilbert, the chairman of Rock Ventures and Quicken Loans, the largest online retail mortgage lender in the U.S.

via Block by Block, Detroit’s Startup Scene Revives a Great City.

Consideration from the garden standpoint – Consideration sous l’angle du jardin « plerudulier

Admittedly a cryptic title: considering matters from the garden standpoint. For a garden implies a gardener (or lack of one thereof).

Certes, un titre énigmatique: l’examen des questions du point de vue de jardin. Car un jardin implique un jardinier (ou, en cela, son absence).

Consideration from the garden standpoint – Consideration sous l’angle du jardin « plerudulier.

“Le Royaume de Monsieur Edhi” lauréat du premier prix Télérama-Fipa – Télévision – Télé

Le premier prix Télérama-Fipa récompensant une oeuvre d’origine étrangère dans les catégories « Documentaires de création » ou « Grands reportages » a été attribué au Royaume de Monsieur Edhi. A Télérama, nous sommes heureux de récompenser ce film qui a fait l’unanimité parmi ceux qu i l’ont vu. Ce film réalisé par Amélie Saillez, jeune réalisatrice belge, pose un regard sensible sur la condition féminine au Pakistan, au travers d’un couple hors du commun : Abdul Sitar Edhi et son épouse, Bilquis Edhi. A eux deux, ils ont créé et développé la fondation Edhi, un réseau d’assistance sociale et médicale qui vient en aide à tous les Pakistanais sans distinction de communauté ou de religion.

The first prizeTélérama Fipa rewarding a work of foreign origin in the categories of “documentary creation” or “Great reporting” was assigned to the Kingdom of Mr.Edhi. At Télérama, we are pleased to honor this film which was unanimous among those that i have seen it. This film directed by Amélie Saille, young Belgian director, is a sensitive eye on the Status of Women in Pakistan, through an unusual couple: Abdul Sitar Edhi and his wife, Bilquis Edhi. Together, they created and developed the Edhi Foundation, a network of social and medical assistance that helps all Pakistanisregardless of community or religion.

via “Le Royaume de Monsieur Edhi” lauréat du premier prix Télérama-Fipa – Télévision – Télé


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