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Now that everything can be tokenized banks are taking notice – TheNextWeb

Yet banks are steadily beginning to take notice of this, which could see the banking sector undergo a disruptive change. Consequently, this could either mean the industry falls behind or is able to leverage the technology for it and its customers’ advantage.

What is tokenization?

Tokenization is the process of converting rights to an asset into a digital token on a an asset into a digital token on a blockchain.

With the idea of tokenization gaining popularity, financial institutions may see themselves turning their attention to this market as they figure out how they can manage assets via tokenization.

Not only that, but according to Julia Krauwer, an innovation specialist at Dutch bank ABN AMRO, the biggest promise of tokenization lies in the increased liquidity of assets. Assets that are difficult or expensive to trade, can be turned into easily tradable units

Under the sea, Microsoft tests a datacenter that’s quick to deploy, could provide internet connectivity for years | Stories

More than half of the world’s population lives within about 120 miles of the coast. By putting datacenters in bodies of water near coastal cities, data would have a short distance to travel to reach coastal communities, leading to fast and smooth web surfing, video streaming and game playing as well as authentic experiences for AI-driven technologies.

“For true delivery of AI, we are really cloud dependent today,” said Lee. “If we can be within one internet hop of everyone, then it not only benefits our products, but also the products our customers serve.”

Will your Fitbit make you uninsurable? – Telegraph

One agreement, which is expected to be renewed later this year, ensures that people are not denied cover because they have a predisposition to a certain illness. While smartwatches do not currently collect this depth of data, insurers do analyse other information you choose to share with them.

Fitbit said it shared data only with third parties chosen by the user, but this includes exercise data, calories burned, heart rate and sleep patterns, and the list is expected to grow.

Emma Bell, an insurance broker at SPF Private Clients, a mortgage firm, said: “There will always be a need for insurance, but the way in which it is sold and advised will change, with a move away from a product-based offering to pricing risk based on the individuals and their lifestyle.”

Anger as Brexiter Nigel Lawson applies for French residency | Politics | The Guardian

Lawson, a former chair of the Vote Leave campaign during the EU referendum and one of tens of thousands of Britons living in France, is to apply for his official French residency card.

The former chancellor said he had started the process of applying for one of the cards, known as a carte de séjour, which British expatriates are being encouraged to obtain to help bolster their rights after the UK withdraws from the EU, but added that he was “not particularly worried”.

Is Capitalism a Threat to Democracy? | The New Yorker

Today, as in the nineteen-thirties, strongmen are ascendant worldwide, purging civil servants, subverting the judiciary, and bullying the press. In a sweeping, angry new book, “Can Democracy Survive Global Capitalism?” (Norton), the journalist, editor, and Brandeis professor Robert Kuttner champions Polanyi as a neglected prophet. Like Polanyi, he believes that free markets can be crueller than citizens will tolerate, inflicting a distress that he thinks is making us newly vulnerable to the fascist solution. In Kuttner’s description, however, today’s political impasse is different from that of the nineteen-thirties. It is being caused not by a stalemate between leftist governments and a reactionary business sector but by leftists in government who have reneged on their principles.

Mobile visits are still rising for news sites, even without Facebook’s juicy traffic, according to Chartbeat data » Nieman Journalism Lab

Traditionally — as much of a tradition as there can be in the online analytics world — people accessing sites via mobile has mostly meant people arriving from social media. But now, post-Facebook algorithm changes, the number of mobile readers visiting news sites directly has surpassed the number visiting from Facebook.

Cloud computing sticker shock is now a monthly occurrence at many companies | ZDNet

the low-hanging fruit of cloud migration was the purported cost savings seen through switching from a front-loaded licensing model to a month-by-month subscription approach, which certainly looked good on balance sheets from a CapEx perspective. Now, however, as cloud catches on across enterprises, taking up the work of many business functions, many chief financial officers as well as CIOs are gasping at the unexpected expenses seen in their monthly bills.


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